For my new assignment, I’ll be going to Mozambique in southern Africa. I’m still feeling discombobulated, but overall I’m thrilled.

I’ll be leaving next week, basically as soon as Peace Corps can find a flight for me and two other young women from my Turkmenistan group. The group of new trainees has already left so we will fly to Mozambique directly to meet them and get our visas at the airport. It will be a long trip, probably flying to the East Coast first, then spending a night in Johannesburg, South Africa, before hopping a short flight to Moz the next day.

One of the reasons I was posted there is that the official language is Portuguese so my French background will be a huge asset. I can’t wait to learn Portuguese and I’ve always wanted to visit that part of the African continent so I’m very, very excited, though I don’t know if I will believe it is real until the plane touches down, and probably not even then.



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5 responses to “Mozambique!

  1. Laura Sochas

    Hi! I’m really excited for you (despite the un-scheduled change of plans…)! – I visited Mozambique last September and it seems like a great country. My favourite part was potato trees: for some reason they start smelling like boiled potatoes at nightfall…I’ll definitely keep updated via your blog. For my part I’ve come back from Lesotho and am now doing an MPA in International Development at LSE. I’ve just started and am very excited! Take care!

  2. Franny

    Congratulations Rebecca! I’m glad you got placed so quickly and that you’re happy with the outcome. Everything happens for a reason, I say. Have fun with the português. Missing you!

  3. Christina

    I’m so glad you found a home!! If I’m in South Africa after this year (which I hope to be) I’d love to come visit 🙂 Have fun learning Portuguese and good luck! Much love from Oberlin!

  4. becky

    ps i think this story of the last-minute switch is amazing and i’ve been telling it to lots of random people.

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