Peace Corps departure, take 2

So I’m off to Africa tonight! I’m writing this from the Atlanta airport, where my two companions and I will catch a fifteen-hour flight to Johannesburg this evening. We’ll spend one night there and fly to Maputo the next day. Then the Peace Corps staff will pick us up and we’ll be thrown into training. For the next ten weeks, we will be living with host families about one-hour-and-a-half outside of Maputo, in a town called Namaacha.

Here’s my new address: (It’s posted on the sidebar, but I wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention. Mail is supposed to be pretty irregular, though.)

Rebecca Balmer, PCV
Corpo da Paz/U.S. Peace Corps
C.P. 4398

Lightweight packages should be sent in padded envelopes if possible as bozes tend to be taxed more frequently. I recommend numbering letters and including a list what is included within a package. There is an express mail service as well for crucial mail:

Rebecca Balmer, PCV
c/o U.S. Peace Corps Mozambique
Avenida Zimbabwe 345

PC Phone number (which they will ask for): 258-21-49-9082



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2 responses to “Peace Corps departure, take 2

  1. Patty McClintock

    Dear Rebecca,

    Your granddad and I just read your latest news. We can’t begin to imagine all your thoughts your head must be spinning! We also read the article about you in Steve Duin’s column. I had tears in my eyes.
    I will be sending you a more newsy e-mail. Love from your grandparents.!!!


    Yay ! I’m so excited to hear all about Mozambique, this is going to be such a cool experience. Even just the name is so alluring. I feel while your adventure got to a rocky start, wonderful things lie ahead. Love, Al.

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