Nosta’s First Communion

Sunday was the First Communion ceremony for my host sister Nosta. I think she is about thirteen, but that seems to be around the typical age to take First Communion here. On Friday, she and Benedita went into Maputo to buy a white dress and shoes, and Benedita and her goddaughter spent all day Saturday making a three-tiered chocolate cake with white frosting. It seemed like everybody in Namaacha was at the Catholic church, as not only was it the First Communion ceremony, but there were as many people also getting baptized and confirmed. The service lasted three hours and I was sitting in the very back row of pews, crammed between family members I had never met before.

Afterwards, all our family and friends came back to our house for a lunch feast. My host brother Jaime (now living with us, apparently) is a DJ and he set up his equipment on our front porch and we basically had a raging party all afternoon. The young people were excited to cut loose and drink beer, and they were very eager to see me dance and made me do so in front of everybody. Fortunately, I didn’t embarrass myself too badly. In the evening we cut the cake, did champagne toasts, and then everyone danced some more. I’m happy to be in a place where people like and know how to have a good time!



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2 responses to “Nosta’s First Communion

  1. Daniil Karp

    Pictures please!

  2. Franny

    Rebecca, that first communion party sounds like so much fun!! What kind of music did your DJ-host-brother play? Mozambican hits?

    I hope everything is good and you are doing well. Hey, happy early birthday!! Any big birthday plans? I’m, of course, missing you around Oberlin.
    love, Franny

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