Quick note from Beira

It has been an extremely full week and I’m not prepared with a new entry, or several, but I find myself on a computer with Internet access so I feel like I should cobble together something. I am in the city of Beira at the headquarters of the mission that runs Estaquinha and three other missions/schools in the area. Last Tuesday I left Namaacha early in the morning for our swearing in, spent the next two nights in Maputo, flew to Chimoio on Thursday for a conference with directors who are taking on Peace Corps volunteers, and arrived in my new home on Friday. Today I was taken into the city to do some shopping and become aquainted with the mission here, which seems like it will be an excellent resource, as it has beds to sleep in, a kitchen, and computers.

I will try to write more about swearing in, which was a really nicely done event, and about Estaquinha, my impressions of which I’m of course still formulating as I get settled in. Things have been going well so far, and it is a relief to have concluded training and begun what will be the bulk of my experience in Mozambique.

I also did manage to load some photos on to Facebook, so check them out if you are interested.



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2 responses to “Quick note from Beira

  1. John Russell

    what a crazy adventure you’re having. i can’t wait to hear more. i also can’t wait to embark on my own!

  2. Tchadlex

    Im in Beira and I want to meet one peace corps volunteers. By these days I dont know where to meet and where is peace corps located.

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