Boas festas

I am writing from Chimoio, where I have been staying after spending Christmas in Gorongosa with the other volunteers in my region. There are eleven of us living in Manica, Sofala, and Tete, and as we are required to stay in our region for our first three months, it is a pretty important support network. Gorongosa is situated in the mountains outside of a national park that is being reconstructed. It is closed now during the rainy season, but we were able to take some nice walks and enjoy the scenery. We exchanged names for gifts, baked cookies, played lots of cards, and watched A Charlie Brown Christmas, so it felt sufficiently festive.

Back in Estaquinha, I have been slowly getting more settled. I find it very peaceful there, though everyone says that that will change when school starts and the students are around. I have my own house, one of several reserved for teachers and administrators that shares grounds with the school, the mission, and the small, affiliated health center. There is a small local community outside of the mission, with a market that carries little beyond basic essentials. I have been getting to know the directors of my school, a few of the priests, and some of my neighbors. Everyone has been very helpful and welcoming.

I still have about three weeks before I’ll start teaching, but my colleagues will start returning and I imagine we will be able to plan a little bit. I’ll likely be teaching ninth and tenth grade. Otherwise, I’m hoping to invest in some furniture, a bike, and plant a garden behind my house.

Mail can now be sent to the mission headquarters in Beira. The Peace Corps address in Maputo is still valid but things will take longer to get to me. I’ll leave both on the sidebar and on Facebooj.

Here is the new one:

Rebecca Balmer, Estaquinha

Associacao Esmabama

Rua Roberto Ivens, 168

CP 88

Beira, Mozambique


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