My name is Teacher Rabeca

This is the first thing I taught my three first classes on Thursday. They needed some review with introductions. I decided to use the Portuguese spelling for my name just because that is what they are used to, and the pronunciation is pretty similar. Often when I introduce myself, people say, “Oh, that’s a Portuguese name!”

Anyway, classes started well–the students seemed interested in the new, foreign teacher. It’s hard to tell exactly what level they are at–some off them are pretty outspoken but others seem totally lost, and they all have trouble following directions when I give them in English. Of course, it has only been one day so these are just my very first, basic impressions.

I will be teaching one turma of 10th graders, meeting twice a week, and three turmas of 9th graders, meeting three times a week. I will also be teaching English and basic computer skills at the agricultural school which is also part of the mission at Estaquinha. It is a technical for 8th-10th grade students, which alternates two weeks in the classroom with two weeks in the field. I am interested to see how that works, and what my students are like.



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3 responses to “My name is Teacher Rabeca

  1. Marie

    Hi Teacher Rabeca,

    I’ve been using today’s rainy Portland weather to catch up on many things, among which is a read through your blog.

    Your writing is so descriptive and illustrious, I feel like I’m in your village and home with you. It’s a nice alternative for me as I think I wish I had pursued the Peace Corps.

    I look forward to reading more and as you immerse yourself into teaching, reading about your students, teaching and experiences. Thank you for sharing!

  2. John Russell

    Congrats on your first day teaching! I just had my first day at a temporary job here in my new home of Carlisle, PA. I’m doing office work, so I’m pretty jealous of your life. Still no word on my details, but I sure am getting antsy. Hope you’re having fun out there.

  3. Christina James

    Teacher Rabeca!

    I just finished reading your blog in one sitting, and I’m so glad to hear how you’re doing 🙂 From reading everything, it sounds like there are some things that are very similar to our experience in Eguafo. It sounds like you have other Peace Corps members somewhat nearby, which is great as well. I’m hoping to teach English through the Fulbright program in Indonesia next year and am so jealous of you being abroad. Hope all is well, and I can’t wait to read more!

    Much love from Oberlin,

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