It’s hard to believe I’ve been teaching for about a month. Yet even while I still feel incredibly green, it’s starting to feel like my real life, my real job. Though I have what amounts to six different classes of students, I still find myself with a lot of free time, so I know at some point I’ll have to pick something else up. There had been talk of me picking up the classes of the third English teacher, who up until this week still hadn’t arrived for the year, but as she is here now she will keep her turmas.

One of the most challenging things is having basically zero resources except for chalk and a chalkboard. I feel like I waste time writing things on the board, but we don’t even have current English books in the library, so it’s the only way to really make sure kids get the material. I feel like every day I am trying to think of a new, more efficient, more interesting way to share the information. I imagine that is just part of teaching anywhere, though, resources or no.

I’m getting to know some of my students outside of class—they’re the empregados of my colleagues, they’re married to my colleagues, or they come over some evenings to chat. It is great on the one hand, not so great on the other. It’s tempting to always call on them and strike up a different rapport than with those I don’t know yet, which I’m trying to resist.


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