Ndiri cudjidja chindau

This means “I am learning Ndau”—the local language here in this part of Sofala. All of my colleagues speak and communicate in Portuguese—and most of them have their own mother tongues as well, depending on where they are from—but Ndau is the first language of the majority of my students, and some people I encounter walking around or at the market have very little Portuguese.

Two of my ninth grade students wrote down some phrases for me, and I’ve been working on the greetings when I passear around town. The majority of languages in Mozambique are Bantu languages, and Ndau is especially close to Shona, which is spoken in Zimbabwe. Because of the Zimbabwean influence, Ndau has some words that are comically close to English. For example, “skirt” is skirte and “spoon” is spoone. But otherwise the grammar and vocabulary sound incredibly foreign to me and it feels like they go in one ear and out the other.

You can learn Ndau, too!:

Ndiri cuenda cubazar ¬– I am going to the market

Ndiri cussamba ¬¬¬– I am taking a bath

nhuma ¬– house

chamuare – friend

ngoma – music



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9 responses to “Ndiri cudjidja chindau

  1. Nicolien Swartz

    Hi their, i would like to learn more the Ndau/ shona language , please provide me with more learning material.

  2. Pearson

    I can teach you more shona.

    Mangwanai morning
    Masikati afternoon
    Manheru evening

  3. Avicci

    I like this languege my dady is from mozambique sofala beira

  4. Avicci

    I like this language my dady is from mozambique sofala beira

  5. Avicci

    Ndinoda cudjidjiswa chindau am from south africa find me on facebook roman mashaba

  6. Louisa

    Wow thanks for teaching me ndau

  7. pamela chibindi

    Hi can any one teach me chindau . . my dad is a ndau I don’t know where he comes from

  8. Anonymous

    i would like to learn Ndau

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