Family visit

I was fortunate enough to host my parents Tom and Mary Louise in Mozambique at the end of May. They flew into Beira and we traveled the next day to Estaquinha. It was lovely to introduce them to everyone in my life and to show them around. Luisa cooked all the quintessential Mozambique dishes, and we took dug-out canoes across the Búzi River.

After that we flew to Nampula where we rented a car and drove out to Mozambique Island, or Ilha de Moçambique. We scrambled around the old Portuguse fort and sailed through the clear water in a dhow. Next stop was an isolated beach outside of Ilha at Chocas-Mar, and now we are at a rustic dive spot outside of Nacala. I loved exploring and guiding my parents around and I think it was fun and eye-opening for them too.

They left from Beira on the same plane that my brother Paul flew in on. He was coming directly from having finished a study abroad program in Jordan. I brought him back to Estaquinha and then he and David and I went down to visit Peace Corps friends in northern Inhambane province. We took a dhow out to an island where we went snorkeling–beautiful, though it’s winter here so while the sun is still hot, the ocean water gets cold fast. Then I accompanied Paul back to Beira to fly back to the States, and I made my way back to Estaquinha.


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  1. Douglas Southgate

    During the days when the Portuguese built the fort at Ilha, they had an expression – along the lines of “God gave the Portuguese a tiny land to be born in, and a great, wide world to die in.” Even before the doughty Dutch, they really got around!

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