Life in Estaquinha has been full and rich and monotonous at the same time. I gave a few of my teaching hours to a colleague so I have a little more time to plan my lessons and chat with friends and read and watch American TV at leisure. It’s hard to believe I’m now in my last term here–just three more months. It will be hard and strange to say goodbye but I’ll be ready, too.

Nelta moved back to Beira to take care of family, and while I miss her, it’s nice to have a little more space in the house. I agreed to keep Maria on until the end of the year–it’s not too much of a financial burden and it’s nice for Luisa to have a companion. The two of them sleep in Nelta’s old room.

The news from the States includes oppressively hot weather on the East Coast. Two friends in two separate e-mails apologized for complaining about the heat because I must be hot all the time in Africa. I mention this because we’re actually nearing the end of what has been a particularly cold winter. I think my body has partly just adapted to a warmer climate, but it’s definitely been colder than last year. This doesn’t sound very newsworthy, but because life here is designed to be spent outside, it has made a big difference. The windows at school don’t have glass so early in the morning and at night the students just sit and shiver. At least as a teacher you can stay on your feet and pace between the rows of desks. Many people don’t have sweaters or jackets; girls wrap capulanas around their shoulders.


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  1. Douglas Southgate

    From time to time, the heat fails during the winter in one of my classrooms here at Ohio State, or the air conditioning goes crazy during the summer. Either way, being able to pace around as the instructor has distinct advantages, as you’re finding out – way down south on a frosty morniin’, as the song says.

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