More parties

Teachers Day wasn’t quite the blowout that it was last year, but I still had fun. It was a small but stalwart group who participated. The other women and I cooked literally all day outside in the teacher’s compound. Remember last year when the goat we had purchased ran away? Well, this year we had trouble even tracking one down at all, so one of the teachers got up at 3 am and rode his bike 8 km to pick one up. Then the French teacher and I spent a few hours cutting it into bite-sized pieces. We set up the party, ate dinner, and danced until the power cut out. So then we amused ourselves by singing traditional songs and dancing. We had a dance off, with teachers from different districts in Mozambique showing off traditional dances. (Machanga! Chibabava! Quelimane!) They even made David and me get up (United States!), and we did a little of what I could remember from square dancing in high school PE, which was a hit. Then I went to bed, but we all ate lunch together the next day and listened to music, before everyone had to go back to work the next day.

I wrote a little while ago about night classes for adults. The class of ninth graders were some of my favorite students from this year, and they threw a party for themselves to conclude the year, too. The class is made up of teacher´s wives, fisherman, construction workers, midvwives and the head of the main political party for the area. They were all very excited and serious about it and most of them dressed up. I was invited along with some other teachers and we ate dinner and danced together. It was seriously the sweetest thing ever and the highlight of my week.


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